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Everyone is fond of watching movies, the way to entertainment for the new generation is by watching movies and spending time on the digital platform. According to us, everyone is using technology for getting everything they want in every particular manner. On the digital platform, you can watch movies, TV shows, Web series, cartoons, Songs, Video songs, Sports, etc.

You will get every type of website which includes free as well as paid websites. Many people prefer free websites whereas some of them prefer a free website which also gives the same benefits the same as a paid one. The only drawback is that many of them are illegally operated website which effects the digital platform.

Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ] is the legal website powered by SSR Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ]. This website has All rights reserved from 2017 to 2023. People are showing a good response for this website as they have good content to watch and have a variety of movies like they have a collection of Bollywood, Hollywood, Bengali, etc.

In all these categories, they have different genres like action. Romance, thriller, suspense, etc. They are providing the option of download the movie free of cost to their visitors. They also providing the option of downloading the movie through their page from the Telegram android application so that people can access their account in different ways and high traffic will be generated on their web page as well as the Android page.

Method of Downloading Movies from Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ]

Viewers get confused in the process of downloading movies as many websites create this method very typical so many people aren’t able to download movies from these types of websites. Viewers need to go to a web browser and search for the current domain of the website.

In this period, the current domain is Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ]. When you enter this domain, you will directly enter the official home page of the Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ] website. On the official home page, you will get to see the option of connecting to them on Telegram. When you scroll down the page, you will get to see the list of Upcoming Movie and Web Series list, below that you will get to see the option of Latest Updated Movies.

When you select any movie from them, you will go to the new page regarding that movie. On the new page, you get to see the poster of the movie, below that you will get movie information regarding the name of the movie, story plot, movie release date, quality of movie available, language, genre, star cast, movie duration.

Below that, you will get the option of downloading the movie and when you click on that option, a new page will open regarding the download option. From that page, you can download the movie.

Category Available in Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ]

As we tell you above that Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ] has many different categories for their viewers. You don’t have to search for their whole database; you just simply have to go to a particular category for search for your movie and can easily download it. The category which is available on Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ] are mentioned below:

  • Hot Short Films
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies
  • Bengali Movies
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed English Movies – Full Series where
  • Punjabi Movies
  • South Indian Movies (Dubbed in Hindi)
  • Marathi Movies
  • Game of Thrones All Season Download

You just have to search for a movie through the search bar.

Feature of Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ]

This website is a very good option for movie lovers it has good content to download and watch free of cost. This website provides many features that viewers will definitely like. Feature of this website is mention below:

  • This website has also features of the Android application page. They have their page on the Telegram application form where you can directly download the all latest movies.
  • The website is user-friendly and it can be openeded through any device includes a computer, tablets, laptop, mobile, etc. this feature helps the admin to get the good traffic on their website.
  • The website legal and it has all right reserved which makes this website use freely with no help of a VPN or any illegal way.
  • This website has its own Facebook page where they update their viewers regarding the latest uploads.
  • Viewers will get many different sizes and prints of movies like 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, etc, and in many different languages.
  • The admin of this website uploads 8-10 movies of different categories in a single day so that viewers will get much content to watch.
  • Many movies also have the subtitles attached to them so that the viewers can easily understand the movie.

Different Genre Available on Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ]

Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ] is that website which has a large variety of category as well as genre available on their database. The category we talk about already, now we are telling you some of the genre available on this website:

  • Action – Action is the most demanding and entertaining genre for all movie lovers.
  • Science-Fiction – This movie concept is in trending in today’s time as it will use good VFX to create a movie.
  • Romance – Adults and teenagers will love this genre to watch as this genre and a good story with a happy ending.
  • Comedy – This genre is for family watches and the whole family can watch this type of movie and can spend quality time with each other. Some more Genre on Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ] are:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
  • Thriller
  • Horror

Size and prints Available at Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ]

Movie Size Movie Prints

1.1GB 1080p

800MB 720p

600MB 480p

300MB 360p

Viewers will get the option of download in the prints which they want as there are many different prints and many different sizes available.

Is Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ] Legal or Illegal?

As we mention above that Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ] is the legal website and it has all rights and copyrights reserved. The admin of this website is from the USA and this website is operated from the USA. The government has no right to ban this website. Viewers also don’t need a VPN proxy to access this website.

Disclaimer: Piracy is a criminal offense and we are not promoting any type of piracy-related activity. This article is for information basis and to give information regarding this particular website that this website is legal or illegal.


Q1. Is Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ] is safe for use?

Ans. Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ] is the legal website that’s why it is safe to use. There is less or no chance of data leak.

Q2. What is the alternative way to download the movie without going on the website?

Ans. You have installed the Telegram application in your android or IOS phone and search for the Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ] page. You also can download it from there.

Q3. What are the other legal alternatives to Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ]?

Ans. Some of the legal alternatives are mention below:

  • HotStar
  • Amazon Prime
  • Netflix
  • YouTube

Q4. Whats are the steps to download the movie from Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ]?

Ans. These are the steps to download the movie:

You need to go to the Kutty Movies [ KuttyMovies.in ] website.
Search the movie which you want to download.
You need to select the print that you want to download.
You will get the option of Download on the server page.
Choose the link to download the movie.
Click on the download option.